We’ll help take the hassle out of your special day…

Have you ever walked into a room and just gasped with amazement at something – maybe a view through a window, a painting on the wall or a magnificent table all set for dinner?

Our aim at Socialights is to create a beautiful lighting display, one that will also cause an effective gasp as you and your guests enter the room. 

Everyone knows that lighting can make or break the atmosphere in a room. After all, who would want their wedding party to be held with just old-fashioned strip lights overhead!?  When thinking about the romance of a wedding, or the celebrations of an awards ceremony or fund-raising ball, most people imagine twinkling lights and sparkling back-cloths or whimsical lanterns overhead. Lights add that extra something that makes all the difference.

And then you think about how to create that atmosphere?! Of course, there are lots of DIY sets of lights available – but fitting them safely, often at height, can be problematic. Bear in mind that you may only have a limited time on the morning of your wedding, and will you have all the necessary tools; hooks, ladders, string, cable ties, harnesses etc? There will also be other suppliers also in the same space, setting tables and glassware, florists, the band setting up or dance floor being laid– and everyone potentially working in the same area that you need to get to.

Here at Socialights, our mission is to take all the hassle and stress out for our couples and venue hosts. We will arrange to set up as early as possible, usually before any other suppliers and almost always before the couples arrive at the venue. When you’re moving big ladders in excess of 50 times for an installation, along with many strands of fairy lights and all the accompanying safety and securing equipment, it’s easy to see why customers and venue hosts are grateful not to be doing it themselves. All you need to do is turn up and gasp!

Wherever you are planning your special ‘do’, why not find out more about the lighting effects we can offer for YOUR event?

Fairy Light Canopy

With the effect of softening or lowering a ceiling or roof, a fairy light canopy adds an array of twinkling bulbs overhead

Fairy Lights & Ceiling Drapes

Soft, see-through voile drapes added to a fairy light canopy can add elegance to any venue, whilst still seeing the sparkling lights overhead 

Fairy Light Curtains

To cover a wall or stage, or as a backdrop to your wedding breakfast top table, a sparkling fairy light curtain is a must-have


A choice of coloured or white lanterns that are available in a mix of sizes. A paper lantern canopy can really add something special and works particularly well in a room with plenty of height


For a modern twist, these white lights are available for internal or external use at your wedding or event venue


Having a variety of settings, these lights can be chosen to colour match your wedding or party theme. Alternatively they can be set to offer a range of colours, and either set for the same all evening or to change in time with your music


As the name suggests, these are available for external use to highlight specific areas such as access ways or to enhance trees and shrubs at your wedding venue

Column Lighting

This lighting effect adds sparkle to fixed columns in a room

LOVE Letters

Ever popular, these 1.2 m high (4ft) pre-lit letters create an immediate impression in any room and will add to the the romance of your wedding event

External Fairy Lights

Create atmosphere and ambience with these little sparkling bulbs across a courtyard, garden or other outdoor space to enchant your wedding guests


This striking black drape studded with twinkling lights adds a dramatic backdrop to any wedding or celebratory event venue

Corporate Event Lighting

Planning an awards ceremony, coprorate event or seasonal ball? Add atmosphere and impact to your special event with a huge fairy light canopy